Is Amoris Laetitia Damaging the Church? Cardinal Müller thinks so...

In this EWTN interview with the former head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, we hear (at about 09:05) Cardinal Müller saying as a Catholic theologian that the bishops making their own interpretations, going in their own directions is "not good...not Catholic"..."We don't have two Magisteriums...this understanding could make damage [sic] for the Catholic Church". he says that the Pope uses his authority to give the summary of the synod and it is not Catholic that we then have bishops' conferences' giving interpretations of the interpretation. This is not the way we do things.

Cardinal Müller also appears to confirm, with some emotion, that the Pope summarily dismissed three employees of the CDF as reported by the respected Vaticanista Marco Tosaatti in January.


  1. AL has fractured the Unity of the CC & as Prefect of the CDF Cardinal Müller allowed this to happen by not signing the Dubia. When is he going to?

  2. Why is Cardinal Muller speaking out now? He has nothing to lose and his words are one more shout out from those who have no legitimate power. When he was Prefect of the CDF his words would have carried enormous weight. Why is he speaking out now? He gives the impression of getting revenge for the shabby way he was dismissed from his most powerful post in the Vatican. He was reluctant while in power to take on the heretic at the top, because he knew he would have lost his job pronto. Guess what? He lost it anyway. Too little too late, Cardinal Muller. Find another way to lick your wounds.
    Find another way to lick. your wounds.

  3. Muller is correct. The pope should answer the Dubia..

    Barbara, the lay person cannot and must not judge a pope as a heretic. We have a right to criticize and ask for clarity for his ideas, but only a pope can judge whether a pope is a formality material or not a heretic. We endanger our souls by doing this.

  4. I replied to you via e-mail, but I do not see my comment here, so I will repeat it for this site, Fidelity to the Faith trumps obedience to the hierarchy. Read Aquinas and Hildebrand on this issue in order to clarify what true obedience is. Bergoglio is a heretic. There is so much concrete evidence of this that it boggles the mind ti see the denial rampant in the Church. In calling Bergoglio a heretic I am not speaking in an official capacity as a representative of the Catholic Church. I am expressing a personal opinion as I have every right--and a duty --to do. The confusion of many Catholics in the Church is due to those who should speak, and have the authority to do so, remaining silent. It is time to declare what is obvious to anyone who has even rudimentary knowledge of Catholicism. Many souls are being led by the falsehoods Pope Francis spouts so arrogantly and so glibly. He is trashing the Faith step by brutal step, and fidelity to Christ means speaking out against the lies that are being promoted and taught by this heretical pope.


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